Retail I Mining I Commercial I Residential Security

Commercial Security

With the large amount of traffic passing in and out commercial offices parks security controls become. Access control and goods in transit are key areas where Base 5 guard has best in class practices to alleviate risk. Highly visible guards patrol the buildings and entrances to spot criminal elements. Security Officers are trained in terms of discipline, with emphasis on observation, visibility and communication. Parking and open areas are patrolled by safety officers on foot, bicycles and golf carts. Their visible presence acts as a deterrent to effectively discourage potential criminal elements. Response, or immediately contact the emergency services-which ever’s the most appropriate.

Retail Security

Ensuring that your shoppers feel safe and protected when entering your shopping Centre or mall is essential and as such our retail guarding solutions are designed to protect the shoppers and deter criminals. Uniformed guards suggest that a company is caring for its customers and staff safety. Each guard receives extensive on-site training to ensure they fully understand you company and any specific requirements it may have. Prior to starting any contract we discuss the uniform’ style’ with the client to ensure the correct image is projected when patrolling your store. Should you want the security guard to receive first aid and emergency training that he can cater for your patrons in the event of an emergency this can be arranged.

Residential Security

The residential security officers are responsible for the safety of the your home. They are usually employed in apartments, center for the elderly and other residential areas.

Mining Security

Base 5 Guard understands the unique sets of risks and potential dangers that the mining industry presents. Each mining site is unique and therefore requires a customized solution with the appropriate preventative steps and measures to ensure that the potential area of exposure and risk is minimized and effectively managed.

Base 5 Guard have developed effective security management programs that are tailored to meet the unique requirements for large open cast and underground mining operations. The secret to Base 5 Guard success is the ability to integrate the customized security solution into the current operations and mining processes services offered.