MD Statement

As with the company originating from the Northern local communities, our priority is to develop and empower young and upcoming business across the country, hereby transforming business leaders.

In accordance with the objectives of the national reconstruction and development program, reducing the crime rate within our communities and doing our bit for the community, we build strong relationship and maximise on local empowerment and skills development directed towards the communities where we work. Through our principal partner, the City of Joburg, we have been in very successful projects in the North and South Gauteng i.e. Legae, Masingita City, Savanna City Development, Lufhereng Project in Soweto and the Basil Reads Projects and Malibongwe Ridge in the Northern Suburbs.

Base 5 Guard is committed to providing reliable quality protection services to a variety of industries through custom designed security strategies assessed by a Risk Management Report.

Base 5 Guard aims to set high security standards by using innovative practices, state of the art technology systems and the highest expectations from our personnel and supporting of our officers with hands-on management and exceptional training in all fields like dog handling, first aid, Breathalyser Training, Fire Awareness and Prevention, X-Ray Machines, Smart PTT Radio Communication and CCTV operation systems.

We also run an Equestrian department which imparts horse riding andproper horse handling skills for our security officers. This is one of our specialized departments where we deploy security officers on horseback, to do off-site monitoring on land earmarked for development, Events Management, Industrial Sites and Crowd Control.

The Equestrian Department is another division of our Tactical Response Unit which comprises of different specialized divisions namely the K9 Unit, Armed Response Unit, Rapid Response Unit and lastly our Search And Rescue Division which uses the latest drones in the security industry.

We seek to accomplish and even transcend our client’s expectations and requirements, provide meaningful and safe professional opportunities for our employees and with each project we undertaking to consistently commit to a high level of performance and workshops.