Base 5 Watch

Base 5 Watch

In an emergency, or in the need for reaction or assistance, Base 5 watch will always be there to provide efficient and effective armed response services.

Base 5 watch 24 hour monitoring centers, professional personnel, response vehicles and patrol services are just a call away.

Base 5 watch provides services to all sectors of security services.

The Tower

Base 5 Watch security tower is one of the most powerful tool that enhance our security visibility. These towers are mainly used by our security officers to protect and to get an extended view of the site. They have been successfully assisting the officers in combating criminal activities in the area.

The security officers that are placed on the towers are normally equipped with a (2 way radio systems) and a set of binoculars to locate suspicious activities at a distance. The officers on a tower have a direct communication with the armed response vehicle and the main control room for a prompt response.